Take The Stress Out of Moving with Kids

August 11, 2023

The big day is just around the corner: it’s almost Moving Day for your family! With all the logistics of moving, it’s no surprise that moving can be stressful – especially when you have kids. While, as an adult, we may think that the stress of keeping everything organized only affects us, but moving can be complicated and stressful kids as well.
As adults, it’s easier for us to adapt than the younger ones. What might be a breath of fresh air to the parents can be a source of stress for children. Change is a bit tougher for kids, and saying goodbye to their friends and the space they’ve grown up in can take a toll on them.That said, learning how to prepare them for a big move goes a long way for their well-being, and yours. When you include your kids in the process, it is easier for them to navigate this seemingly scary, yet exciting, adventure ahead.To get you, and your kids, ready for the big moving day here are some tips that can help your family better adjust for this milestone ahead.

Give them a heads-up

As a kid, nothing could be worse than waking up to see all your stuff gone while mountains of boxes are loaded on a moving truck. Moving isn’t always a pleasant surprise to children, so let them know as early as you can. Once you have finally decided where you are going, explain where, why and how. An early talk with the kids will give them ample time to adjust and to say their goodbyes if necessary. On a more positive note, you’ll also be able to get them pumped up for the move early on.

It’s all about teamwork

When we talk about getting your kids involved, we don’t mean making them carry heavy boxes. Get them involved in the process by asking them to pack their own things such as toys, books, and school items. Or better yet, ask them questions about how they’d like their new space to be. Talk about possible themes, decorations, wall colors, and more. In short, brainstorm with your kid.

Give them a little taste

Kids tend to be more cautious toward anything new. After all, they’ve still got a lot to figure out about the world. While the adults have already seen the new home, likely several times, kids would also appreciate having a small taste of their future space before moving. Start this off by visiting the neighbourhood and enjoying the fun activities they can do: visit the local park, go to a restaurant, drive by the new school. From there, you can ease them into the new house by going with them for visits, showing their new room, and laying the vision for the house no matter how silly it is (a giant swing in the middle of the room? Sure, why not!). Remember, it’s a crucial transition for them, so take it slow and enjoy the process together.

Make it a fun experience

Hopefully, when moving day arrives, your kids aren’t just left watching you or the movers load and unload boxes. Instead, find ways to make this a memorable day for them. You can assign them light tasks like looking after the family pet, or give them a kid-friendly camera and have them document the move. They’d surely appreciate seeing those photos one day when they decide to look back on the memory of the place they once called ‘home’.

Moving day or not, let kids be kids

It’s easy to be caught up in all the stress of moving. However, don’t forget to be extra patient and understanding toward your kids on moving day. Don’t expect adult behaviour from them. If they get upset about it, don’t invalidate their feelings. Instead, listen and provide comfort. Take this as an opportunity to strengthen your bond.
Once the move is complete and your kids are tucked safely in their new bedrooms, pat yourself on the back and maybe open a bottle of wine — you deserve it for a job well done. Time to enjoy your new home!